Cruisin' Green | How it works

After several trial and error attempts, we came up with the most environmentally safe way to wash a vehicle. Everything is done using less than a quarter gallon of water, our products are 100% biodegradable, the trash from inside your vehicle is recycled, and your invoices are sent out via email in order to save paper. 


 Exterior process:

  • First, our biodegradable waterless car wash product is sprayed onto your vehicle using our energy efficient battery operated sprayer or spray bottle.
  • This product does not drip or leave any water running off to the ground or sewers. It lifts up all of the dirt from the car, eliminating the possibility of scratching it as well.
  • Next, we take a microfiber towel which absorbs the dirt and residue from the vehicle and wipe from top to bottom.
  • Then go over it again quickly with a second microfiber towel to remove any leftovers.
  • Finally, take a look at your shiny new vehicle and wonder how on earth it looks so clean.


Interior process:

Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean out the interior of your vehicle, we chose to bring our commercial steam machine into the picture. By using a steam machine we save time, energy and most importantly, water! Our machine will clean almost any interior surface and some exterior areas as well. The heat from the steam sanitizes the interior of your vehicle while adding a nice, fresh feel to it. No more nasty odors and harmful chemicals.


Energy Efficient Equipment:

The machines we use to wash vehicles are energy efficient and they save a whole lot of water. Our battery operated sprayer requires charging overnight and lasts throughout the day. We dilute our waterless product with less than a gallon of water and spray a light coat onto the vehicle. No more pressure washers or harsh chemicals all over the floors and sewers. We also cut down on paper usage. Your receipt will be sent to you via email upon request.